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What To Do - Spirituality

Finding meaning in loss has been shown to greatly benefit the healing process.

How does this help?

If you follow a religious tradition, this can be an extremely powerful tool to cope with grief. Similar to meditating, studies have shown that those who attend regular religious services have lower levels of cortisol, the stress chemical.

It is a normal response after trauma to seek answers as to why this happened, or why you experienced this, and for many people, prayer and religion can help give answers. Religion also allows people to focus on larger issues, giving people purpose and meaning. Finding meaning in loss has been shown to greatly benefit the healing process, and often times once this is found, you are able to heal.

Studies have also shown that having a strong sense of spirituality helps develop peoples sense of meaning, especially after a traumatic experience. Religion can also give people social support and contact, with those they may already feel some sort of connection to.

How can I do this?

If you follow a religious or spiritual tradition, it is something you can rely on during the coping process. Attend meetings or participate in rituals that are meaningful to you, such as praying, meditating, or going to church.

Draw comfort from your faith and reach out to people in your religious community, for they can be a great support as well. Spirituality provides social support, a sense of purpose and a reason to focus beyond the self, all of which help root you in your community.