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What To Do - Cry

Crying removes toxins from your body that are built up due to stress.

How does this help?

The healing power of tears is not something that is widely discussed or known, but it does exist! While it is true that tears have the very basic function of lubricating our eyeballs and eyelids to allow us to see, they possess many other biological functions as well which are very healthy.

Crying removes toxins from your body that are built up due to stress. When you cry emotional tears, you are releasing all of the chemicals released during stressful situations. These tears release these toxic byproducts, in turn lowering stress. Scientific studies have shown that after crying, people actually do feel better, both physically and emotionally, and they feel worse by suppressing them.

Tears can also build community. They are an extremely effective method of communication, which requires no words, and elicit sympathy much faster than any other means.

How can I do this?

Don’t be ashamed to cry. Realize that each time you cry, you are being brought back to life. They are healing.

Try taking some time to yourself and let the emotions come as they will. Allow yourself to cry uncontrollably. Take time to acknowledge that life has changed and now you must begin the process to a new normal. Burying these emotions will only harm you later on.